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Big Time Bang

A Big Time Rush Big Bang

Big Time Bang: A Big Time Rush Big Bang Community
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Big Time Rush Big Bang

Welcome to the First Big Time Rush Big Bang!

A Big Bang is a challenge in which fandom comes together in celebration of the beloved long!fic. Writers pen the stories they love and are later accompanied by artists who collaborate with them to produce, you guessed it, a Big Bang. All of which is done within a designated time period.

Please take a look at our FAQ page for all your Big Bang questions. And head over to our sign up posts to participate.

Writer Sign Ups – close June 2
Artist Sign Ups – close June 17
Beta Sign Ups – close June 17
Check In for Writers - July 2 (this is when we'll ask for your story summaries)
Artist/Beta Assignments- July 17
Check In for Artists/Writers – September 1 (this is when we'll want a rough draft. NOT a complete draft, but at least a skeleton)
Deadline- October 1

Please contact any of the mods with any questions you have.

Have Fun and Happy Writing!